Trust Pharmacy Review – Cut Your Medical Expenses by Over 90% Using this Drugstore Network

Trust Pharmacy Review – Cut Your Medical Expenses by Over 90% Using this Drugstore Network

Trust Pharmacy is a network of online med stores which have been distributing both generic and brand name medications since the year 2001. These stores have the same appearance and they will sell the same products at the same price. The only notable difference is the fact that they can be loaded using different domain addresses. The med store network distributes different categories of meds which can be used to treat different conditions. When we checked the number of categories they have, we were able to count 27 categories.

Trust Pharmacy Homepage
Trust Pharmacy Homepage

You will notice that these medical categories are established in an alphabetical order except for the Bestsellers, ED sample packs, and Erectile dysfunction meds. You will have the ability to reveal the meds included in every category and their prices by simply clicking the specific category. The most bought drugs are usually featured in the best sellers section. Some of the meds included here are Cialis, Viagra, Propecia, Amoxil, Levitra, Sildalis, Dapoxetine, and more. The only thing you have to be careful about is a large number of fake sites which have stolen the design of the Trust Pharmacy sites in order to trick people and steal from them. To avoid these fake sites, you have to avoid random domain addresses.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

The only consumer comments we could locate on the web were praising the Trust Pharmacy network. These reviews had users from different locations in the world. This means that the store offers its services to people irrespective of where they are located in the world. Some of the reviews are as indicated below:

Trust Pharmacy Consumer Comments
Trust Pharmacy Consumer Comments

The speed at which the shipment reaches the consumers is quite impressive. The products are great and the customer service department agents go out of their way to make sure that their customers are 100% satisfied. This can be depicted in the first and second consumer comments. The first consumer is happy such that he indicates he will be placing another order soon. The second reviewer received quality products and she is 100% satisfied.

The services are speedy. James had been stuck since he could not get the website to process his order. He dialed the phone numbers indicated on any of the Trust Pharmacy sites and he was helped pretty quickly. The regular shipping arrived quickly.

Trust Pharmacy Online

The Trust Pharmacy network has both generic and brand-named meds in their catalog. The best thing we can do in order to prove our point of that you will pay less for your meds is comparing the prices for both generic and brand name drugs as sold by the Trust Pharmacy network websites. Generic Viagra goes for $0.27 a pill while brand Viagra goes for $2.56 a pill. Generic Cialis goes for $0.68 a pill while brand Cialis goes for $3.72. Trust Pharmacy offers you significant savings. Both Viagra and Cialis cost 70 dollars a pill in the local pharmacies.

Trust Pharmacy Best Qualities
Trust Pharmacy Best Qualities

When the Trust Pharmacy network indicates that their prices are low as one of the reasons that their customers love them, this is true and we have proven it above. Their shipping options include EMS and Airmail. EMS shipping is expensive as it costs 19.95 dollars. The Airmail is cheaper but takes longer. It will cost you $9.95. Your meds will arrive within a period of three to eight days when you are using EMS and two to three weeks when you are using Airmail.

Although the Trust Pharmacy network sites do not have diverse payment options, they utilize two of the most popular methods. These are Mastercard and VISA credit cards. Not only are these methods quick, they also allow the buyer to dispute his or her charges in the future. The disputing is never necessary though. You can request re-shipping if your package never arrived. The Trust Pharmacy network sites will re-ship without asking for any charges. If you want a refund instead, you will get it by simply contacting the Trust Pharmacy customer support department. You will get your refund within a period of five to seven days.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

If you are lucky to search on the web when the Trust Pharmacy network is offering coupon codes, you will find coupon codes which will eliminate 5 to 10% of your medication cost. The coupon codes are usually seasonal and when we searched they were not available. What was available was some pretty good deals on the Trust Pharmacy sites. These include the following:

Trust Pharmacy Discount
Trust Pharmacy Discount

For people who ordered meds that reached 200 dollars in overall costs, they would get an automatic discount. The same 200 dollars will grant you free Airmail shipping while you will get free EMS shipping for orders above $300. Free bonus pills are always included in every order.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

All the sites in the Trust Pharmacy network have the following two numbers on their page:

  • +1-718-487-9792 (US)
  • +4420-3239-7092 (UK)

For people who prefer using email, you can use it by visiting the contact page and typing in your details and message in the form available. The team will respond to your query sooner than you think.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

You will never receive any calls or meaningless emails from the Trust Pharmacy network. Not unless the drugstore network is trying to communicate something really important regarding the order you just made, they will neither call you nor email you.


The Trust Pharmacy network has all the qualities that a buyer would be looking for in an online pharmacy. First, irrespective of where you are located, you will never have to wait for your meds for too long, the meds are always delivered on time without any delays. Second, saving over 90% of your money is not a bad thing. The fact that the customer support department is nice and courteous is another plus for this pharmacy network. We, therefore, rate this pharmacy network 5 stars.

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