Online RX Review: Your Source of Quality Generic Medicines

Online RX Review: Your Source of Quality Generic Medicines

Online RX is a pharmacy network operating on the internet. This pharmacy stores in this network are known for delivering and distributing medicines to any place around the globe. The drugs they supply are from trusted and known manufacturers of generic medicines. They also offer branded medicines yet their focus is in providing generic medicines as an option against expensive branded medications. Online Rx believes that they can help every customer save money and time by ordering from them.

This internet dispensary was opened in 2001. It is a network of online pharmacies. Online Rx is also a Canadian online pharmacy that started as a drugstore in Canada in 2001. It is one of the pioneers in online pharmacy and with its growth comes the development of a network of online pharmacies. With a network, they aim to provide cheap and affordable medicines across all online pharmacies to their customers.

Online RX Reviews

Aside from 17 years of excellent service, Online Rx is also proud of its one million happy customers. With a million of happy and satisfied customers. We expect to see a lot of customer reviews for this e-dispensary. A quick scan on the internet indeed gave us a number of customer reviews for Online Rx and most of these reviews are positive. Let us check some of these awesome feedbacks from their customers.

Online RX Customer Feedback
Online RX Customer Feedback

A customer feedback can help build a store’s reputation. A review like the one shared by Erica from Germany will surely entice at least a hundred potential customers. According to Erica, the medicines offered by Online Rx are indeed affordable and effective.

Sophia of France also shared her good experience while using Online Rx. Sophia is not a believer of online pharmacies because of fear of being scammed. With no option left, she tried Online Rx and was happy to find out that it is a dependable internet drugstore. She appreciated the price of the medicine she ordered and the way her order was handled. Sophia is now using Online Rx as her to-go online pharmacy. This is the same reason why Jessica of Austria kept on ordering her med from this e-store – the price of their drugs is low.

Italy is a far place to visit but Leeroy found his online pharmacy from Italy after ordering 3x from Online Rx. Leeroy said that he always receive his order on time and the packaging was always as discreet as it can be. This is the same reason why Charles of Deutschland no longer visit his local pharmacy but instead kept on getting his drugs from Online Rx.

These people from all around the world are sharing their satisfaction with the service and products of Online Rx. As an avid online shopper, we would say that these are beguiling reviews from customers.

Online RX Online

A wide variety of medicines are offered by Online Rx. As a network online pharmacy, this is not surprising. Network online pharmacies are sharing their products and are getting their medicines from the same manufacturers. This is the reason why prices across all network pharmacies are the same.

Online RX Homepage
Online RX Homepage

For Online Rx, their bestsellers are erectile dysfunction medicines. They offer the following ED products at the lowest price possible:

  • Generic Viagra for $0.27 per tablet
  • Generic Cialis for $0.68 per tablet
  • Generic Levitra or $1 per tablet
  • Branded Viagra for $2.56 per tablet
  • Branded Cialis for $3.72 per tablet
  • Extra Super Viagra for $2.86 per tablet
  • Cialis Extra Dosage for $2.05 per tablet
  • Viagra Soft for $0.91 per tablet
  • Dapoxetine for $0.95 per tablet (hybrid ED medicine)
  • Female Viagra for $0.68 per tablet

Aside from ED medicines, they also have other medicines that are also included in their bestseller list such as:

  • Lasix for $0.25 per tablet
  • Zoloft for $0.28 per tablet
  • Propranolol for $0.27 per tablet
  • Xenical for $0.79 per pill
  • Zithromax for $0.40 per tablet
  • Nolvadex for $0.52 per tablet
  • Propecia for $0.51 per tablet
  • Amoxil for $0.39 per tablet

Aside from these medicines, Online Rx has still a lot to offer such as medicines for conditions like asthma, allergies, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, weight loss, hair loss, and contraceptive pills.

Online RX Coupon Codes

The prices of medicines offered by Online Rx are the lowest on the web. To ensure that they are offering medicines at the lowest price possible, they collaborated directly with generic drug manufacturers. This is the reason why they no longer offer coupon codes to their customers. They believe that with the current price of their medicines, their customers are already saving big.

Online RX Phone Numbers

For inquiries, questions, and issues about your order from Online Rx, you can contact them at 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092. If you are unable to reach anyone with these numbers, you can also contact this online pharmacy thru their ‘contact us’ page.

Contact Number for Online Rx

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

Online Rx values their customers’ privacy. With this, they assure their customers that all information provided on their website are not used for marketing purposes. Online Rx does not support spamming of customers’ email nor making unnecessary calls to anyone.


For quality generic medicine that you can order online, check out the offer of Online Rx network. This online pharmacy only deals with manufacturers that are licensed and approved by the FDA in producing generic medications. With their great website, great customer service, and great products to offer, we are giving Online Rx a rating of 5. All generic medicines sold by this e-store are FDA approved and are safe and effective.

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