Review – Online Pharmacy Turned Informational Site for Pain Relief before Finally Shutting Down Review – Online Pharmacy Turned Informational Site for Pain Relief before Finally Shutting Down Main Page Main Page is now out of reach, and the web does not offer anything regarding the disappearance of this online pharmacy. I searched the web for records concerning this shop and I came across the internet archive records for Online Drugs Shop. The records for on the Internet Archive were from 2013 to 2016 and they reflected the evolution of the store from being an online shop to becoming only an informational site for pain treatment.

The old records for stated that it was formerly a site which sold a wide variety of products for various illnesses which included meds for anxiety, weight loss, pain relief, sleeping problems, and erectile dysfunction. Among all the products of the store, its best sellers were Xanax, Ambien, Klonopin, Valium, Generic Viagra, Tramadol, and several others. Because I was particularly interested in the prices of impotence medications, I checked how much charged for its available impotence treatment products, at least for the most popular ones (generic Viagra and generic Cialis). I saw that sold generic Viagra 100 mg for a minimum of $99 (30 pills), while it sold generic Cialis 20 mg for a minimum of $109 (30 pills).

The store offered both brand and generic products for these medical conditions and were all approved by the Food and Drug Administration and according to the store, are all safe to consume by the consumers. also declared that its products were all genuine items from their original manufacturers, to assure clients of these products’ safety for intake. I was surprised, though, that Online Drugs Shop also included narcotics and controlled substances in its product lineup, products which I am sure are illegal to procure online.

There was nothing on the records indicating that the shop’s beginning date or its location. Online Drugs Shop only stated its aim of offering affordably priced medications to its clients on its about page, and nothing more.

Online Drugs Shop offered shipping via EMS and via this shipping option, the consumer orders arrived in 14 days after dispatch. However, since the store had limited information available, I failed to identify the rate charged by the store to its clients. Concerning payments, only accepted credit card payments from VISA and MasterCard.

Despite the store being an online shop for several years, its latest record (from 2016) showcased that became merely an informational blog. There was no clear reason for this—the offered no explanation on why it obliterated its shop contents and became an article hub for pain treatments. Reviews

There were no available reviews for the service of Online Drugs Shop online—it appears that the shop had not been a popular destination for consumers with the need for medications from the web. No records for being reviewed on the internet, and there were no consumer comments or mentions for this web pharmacy even on prolific web platforms.

The lack of reviews can often be imputed to a store’s lack of online marketing skills. Web pharmacies without reviews are usually unpopular with their clients. Shops such as should have worked on their reviews, as reviews have the power to create lasting impressions on their brands. Reviews 2017

Online-drugs-shop’s last records on the web archives existed in 2016, so the store probably did not have consumer mentions for its service beyond 2016. I still needed to find more data for Online Drugs Shop, so I tried an online platform to help me evaluate the domain despite its now inaccessible status. Trust Rating Trust Rating

I used Scam Adviser to help me identify more details for this web platform. According to the report created by Scam Adviser for, the overall score for the web pharmacy was 38 out of 100. As for the shop’s age, the store was identified to have nearly two years of service and was located in India (the owner) and the United States (the website).

Scam Adviser also noted that the email setup and the technical addresses of this website were all obtained free, which made the store a little risky to deal with. Also, according to Scam Adviser, although the store was not listed as a rogue or unapproved pharmacy, the shop still had reports of malware from its former clients. Coupon Codes did not have deals and coupon codes for available on its former website when I checked the web archive. Although online pharmacies are known to be generous when it comes to their consumer offers, did not hand out deals for its consumers in the past.


Online Drugs Shop began as a typical online shop which carried products for various medical uses. The store offered FDA-approved brand and generic products for several medical conditions; however, the store also sold narcotic products and controlled substances, which were blatantly illegal to sell online.

After a few years of service, through, Online-drugs-shop’s service slumped and it morphed into an informational website for pain treatments. Today, the store is now offline and the web did not offer any detail for its closure, that’s why I am giving this shop a rating of only 1 out of 5.

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