Mysecuretabs Review – A Pharmacy Network with Guaranteed Quality Meds and Customer Support

Mysecuretabs Review – A Pharmacy Network with Guaranteed Quality Meds and Customer Support

Mysecuretabs Homepage
Mysecuretabs Homepage

When we visited one of the sites in Mysecuretabs pharmacy network, the number of customers they serve caught our eye. As of 2018, they are serving more than a million people. After navigating the site for a while, we managed to notice the reasons as to why people were willing to spend their money on the drugstore network when purchasing their meds. The first thing is the ease of use the drugstore network sites offer. The sites look simple. Therefore, figuring out what you need to do is very easy. Here is what you see on their homepage.

The reasons why people order and reorder from the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network is the low prices. As you can see, the Viagra which is worth 70 dollars in the local stores will only cost a mere $0.27 per pill in the Mysecuretabs pharmacy sites. Although this is generic Viagra, there is absolutely no difference in terms of the effects it will produce when compared to brand Viagra. In general, the savings that you get when purchasing your meds from Mysecuretabs network are on average 90%.

We have come across sites which have the same look as the Mysecuretabs sites. However, after doing a little digging, we managed to discover that they were scam sites capitalizing on the popularity that Mysecuretabs sites have to steal from unsuspecting customers. You won’t know when you are on the scam sites. The only way to ensure that you don’t fall into their traps is to avoid using random web addresses. Stick with domain addresses which have been investigated and proven to be genuine by experts.

Mysecuretabs Reviews

It is important to check consumer reviews when you are dealing with an online business irrespective of whether the business is a pharmacy network or not. Reviews tell the whole truth about the operations of the drugstore network. Here are some reviews for the Mysecuretabs drugstore network.

Mysecuretabs User Comments
Mysecuretabs User Comments

What you are looking for when purchasing your meds online is a great experience. Smith from the UK confirms that this is exactly what you will get when you are shopping on any one of the Mysecuretabs drugstore sites.

Dorothy also confirms that the Mysecuretabs pharmacy network offers excellent service and deals with the consumer queries very efficiently. The stores usually offer great prices and the money you pay, you get to enjoy its value in terms of quality meds.

They ship medications quickly. This can be confirmed by Samuel who says that his meds were shipped quickly and when they were on the way, he was kept updated. Due to these quality services, he has been using the pharmacy for quite a while now and he is always happy with the honesty the sites offer.

Mysecuretabs Online

If you buy medications from an online drugstore network like Mysecuretabs, you wouldn’t want everyone to see what you have purchased. The drugs are usually packed in discrete packages. The packages resemble a present. The only thing that shows is your addresses to make it possible for the postmen to deliver your drugs accurately.

Payments are done on a secure site. You will get redirected at checkout to a payment site that has already 256-bit encryption system in place. Mysecuretabs don’t accept any other form of payment except credit cards. You will get to pay using either a Mastercard or a VISA card.

You will always receive medications in a period that does not exceed 21 days. If you fail to get your meds within this time-period, you will need to simply contact the customer service department. They will reship your package if that is what you want. If you don’t want a reshipment, the pharmacy network will be open to giving you’re a refund. Refunds are processed within a period of 5 to 7 days. If you check your credit card statement after seven days, the refund should be reflected.

If you are wondering whether Mysecuretabs pharmacy network is genuine, we would like to point out that the drugstore network has already been accredited by both CIPA and MIPA. Pharmacy Checker recommends this drugstore network too. When shopping at Mysecuretabs, you should not fear a thing.

Mysecuretabs Coupon Codes

Whenever possible, you would like to save as much money as possible on your meds. This is possible when you are using the Mysecuretabs pharmacy sites. You get to choose between the following offers which are available in the shopping cart:

Mysecuretabs Shopping Cart Offers
Mysecuretabs Shopping Cart Offers

You get to select whether you want Cialis, Viagra or Levitra to be added to your order as a free bonus. If you have paid more than 200 dollars for your meds, you receive a 10% automatic discount. You will also get free Airmail shopping. If you wish to enjoy free EMS shipping, you have to buy meds worth more than 300 dollars.

Mysecuretabs Phone Numbers

Scam sites are the ones which hide their contact details. Mysecuretabs is not a scam pharmacy network. This is why you will find the following two numbers at the top of every page:

  • +1 718 487 9792 (for customers in the USA)
  • +4420 3239 7092 (for the UK customers)

If sending an email is a better option, visit the Contact page and fill out the form available. The email you send will be replied to in a period that does not exceed 24 hours.

Mysecuretabs Spam and Phone Calls

From our previous experience, we are used to finding online pharmacies which have been in business for a long time with some negative comments. However, Mysecuretabs drugstore network had no negative networks. There were no people claiming that they were spammed.


The only thing we could say that the Mysecuretabs drugstore network has not taken care off is the lack of a live chat option. However, this has already been taken care off by the speedy replies you get from the support department when you call or email. The low prices and great customer service present in Mysecuretabs pharmacy network is only available in very few online drug stores. We, therefore, rate Mysecuretabs 5 stars.

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