Review – Scammer Alert! Good Thing this Shop’s Now Closed Review – Scammer Alert! Good Thing this Shop’s Now Closed Main Page Main Page sold bodybuilding gear such as anabolic steroids, hormones, cycles, and other related products to its clients in the past, but this store is now gone. According to the error message I was given, the domain may have now moved to another web address, but the shop may also just be “temporary down”. However, if Muscle Steroids was only conducting server maintenance, the shop would have said so, to prevent scaring its loyal buyers. did not leave any message behind which would have given us a clearer picture of its present status.

This steroid shop appeared to have functioned rather briefly, as the store only had saved records in 2010. I tried searching for the shop’s business details such as its location and its history, but the store concealed the information from its clients. This, though, was typical amongst online shops, especially steroid suppliers. only stated that its items were dispatched from the United States and that it was “safe” to shop on the store.

Muscle Steroids only offered 6 categories for its products. This store only had anti-estrogens, hormones, injectable steroids, oral steroids, men’s health meds, and fat loss products. did not comment on the FDA approval status of its products and did not even present the suppliers for the items. Since this store sold controlled medications (hormones and steroids), did not bother to ask its consumers for the prescriptions for the items it sold. Despite this, online steroid sellers still pursue selling their gears online, with blatant disregard for the pharmacy legislations concerning steroid product distribution on the web.

Even if Muscle Steroids was a shop for steroid and bodybuilding gear, the shop also had a handful of men’s health products (particularly for erectile dysfunction), such as Caverject, Cialis, Levitra, and of course, the iconic Viagra. sold Cialis 20 mg at $54 for 4 tablets, while it sold Viagra 100 mg at $52 for 4 tablets. What’s odd about the listing for these meds, though, was the fact that Muscle Steroids did not state if these were brand-name medications or were generic analogs.

Unlike what’s commonly accepted at web drugstores, did not accept credit card payments because “they are not anonymous”. It only catered to consumers able to pay for their items via Western Union and MoneyGram. Also, it is notable that required a minimum purchase of $300, although the shop did not mention why.

As for the shipping, rates were not discussed by Muscle Steroids. I also noticed that the shop claimed a 1 to 2-day estimated delivery time for the products, so I presume that Muscle Steroids only catered to clients from the United States, as it was impossible to accomplish a 2-day delivery time for international destinations. Reviews

It was a relief being able to unearth reviews for Muscle Steroids, although they were still disappointing—the store only had consumer complaints and not one good feedback for its service. Here is the discussion from for the store: Reviews Reviews had complaints about its service from several members of, one of the most prolific forum sites when it comes to steroids and related products. Two members complained of getting scammed by, the users “Mastiff” and “keksi”, who both posted their comments 6 years ago.

According to Mastiff, the store scammed him on his test order, so he did not push through with his second. Keksi also mentioned how scammed him $150 for the gear he ordered from the store.

Apart from these unsatisfactory reports for Eroids, there were no others existing on the web. Reviews 2017

I believe was long closed before 2017 came, so the reports for the shop stopped about 6 years ago. The shop appeared to have scammed its patrons early on, so it did not take long for the store to close down in fear of being hunted down by its scammed clients. Involving a High Risk Country Involving a High Risk Country

I used the service of the platform Scam Adviser to check on the details of the domain, if there were any available. Based on the analysis result for, the store’s rating was 28 out of 100 points because of its links to high-risk websites.

Muscle-steroids’ identified age was only days old, which indicates that there might be a new owner for this domain. Scam Adviser was also able to identify the offline status of this web pharmacy. Coupon Codes

I searched for coupon codes on this online store but found none. Free shipping offers and freebies were also unavailable, as well as bulk order discounts and other cost-mitigating measures. The store’s archived records provided no info on the shop’s past deals which could have helped the clients to serve more.


If I can rate a scam store 0, I would, but I am only allowed to give 1 out of 5 the lowest, so that’s exactly what I am rating Muscle Steroids. was an online steroid shop which offered a limited product range and less-than-ideal prices. The store had sketchy, fragmentary information, which did not allow me to discover important details for the shop.

I was disappointed by the store the most when I saw complaints about its service. Apparently, the shop was notorious in stealing money and never shipped its clients’ orders. Well, the store’s now closed, so we at least have on less dubious site to be concerned about.

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