Review – Internet Shop Selling Generic Pills which Left the Web Scene without Leaving Reviews Review – Internet Shop Selling Generic Pills which Left the Web Scene without Leaving Reviews Main Page Main Page is now closed, but like the other closed web pharmacies, this Med Cheap store did not leave information regarding its present shut down status. Med Cheap was an online drugstore which offered various generic products to its clients. This store was also one which did not ask the buyers for prescriptions—the store allowed the purchase of medications by clients without official drug orders for their medical needs.

There were no business details advertised on the shop so I was unable to identify where the shop operated from. According to the store, it was incepted in 2003, but its web records reflected that it was active from 2011 to 2016, although these dates couldn’t accurately reflect the shop’s creation and closure dates. had a very familiar product lineup—this shop had the common medications sold in most web drugstores, such as meds for male enhancement, allergies, diabetes, fungal infections, bodybuilding, and other medical conditions. The store offered generic alternatives to brand medications, so the prices of these products were lower than the local pharmacy prices. However, the store was unable to indicate if these medications were approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or were compliant with WHO (World Health Organization) regulations.

The store allowed the no Rx purchase of these medications, which was actually illegal. Validly operating online pharmacies have one hallmark feature—they all ask for valid prescriptions from their consumers, especially for those with orders for prescription products.

The most popular medications available on this web pharmacy include erectile dysfunction treatments for males. As for the prices, the drug generic Viagra (containing Sildenafil Citrate) was sold by Med Cheap for at least $49.99 for 10 pills of the 100 mg variant, while the other popular impotence treatment, generic Cialis (containing Tadalafil) was sold by the store for at least $48.97 for 10 pills of the 20 mg variant. These medications were paid for by the consumers using their credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Diners, JCB, and AMEX) and electronic checks.

Med Cheap offered international shipping for its clients and offered two choices, Airmail and EMS courier delivery. However, the shop did not have the information for these courier choices—to identify the shipping rates for these shipping options, I had to do a checkout, which was not possible at the time.

Concerning issues on shipping, the store encouraged the buyers to reach out to the support team for refunds and reshipments. For customs concerns, the shop merely advised the buyers to reach out to the website for resolution. Reviews

I tried looking for consumer reviews for this web pharmacy but found nothing on the web pertaining to this website. There were no existing reviews for this online drugstore—Med Cheap appeared to be unpopular among consumers with the need for generic alternative treatments.

It was peculiar that Med Cheap did not have online references to its performance or service, as the store operated for several years. Online pharmacies with a considerable service length are usually with consumer reviews and comments. Reviews 2017

In order to gain more insight for this online store, I tried using several web platforms such as Scam Adviser and Scamner. These online platforms are known for giving more details for online shops, even the closed ones like Safety Level Safety Level

According to the report for from Scam Adviser, this online shop only deserved a trust score of 0 out of 100 for its performance. The low rating was a result of several issues identified for this web pharmacy—the store did not have an SSL certificate, was identified as an untrustworthy website, and was also with spam reports from its former consumers. May Be Risky May Be Risky

The result of the analysis from Scam Adviser, on the other hand, indicated that the domain was a “suspicious” and possibly risky site with a trust score of 65 out of 100.

This Med Cheap store was identified to have an almost 7-year age and its website location was determined in Germany (its owner location was in the Bahamas). Despite this good age, the shop was identified to have links with suspicious websites. Coupon Codes had several offers for its former consumers although the store did not have coupon offers and voucher codes. Freebies Freebies offered free pills for all of its consumers, regardless of order amount, although Med Cheap gave more freebies for clients with larger orders.

Free shipping was also available for consumers with more than 3 items in their carts or at least more than $200 for Airmail and more than $300 for the faster EMS shipping. Clients with orders more than $400 were given free EMS shipping were also awarded a waived delivery insurance.


Another shop, left the online scene without leaving clues for its former clients. The store, though, seemed to not be missed by its clients, as there were literally no reviews and mentions for this online pharmacy and its service.

All in all, my rating for Med Cheap is only a meager 1 out of 5 points because it failed to have reviews despite its long web service, and also because it is now closed.

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