Good Pills Review – A Network of Pharmacies Delivering Your Meds on Time

Good Pills Review – A Network of Pharmacies Delivering Your Meds on Time

For the past 17 years, the Good Pills drugstore network has been distributing drugs to people worldwide. The location of the reviewers who have already commented on the kind of services this pharmacy network offers have proven this. The Good Pills med store network is run by a company that operates out of Manitoba in Canada. The company is known as the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. This company holds a license that allows them to distribute their drugs worldwide. The company is also recognized by Manitoba International Pharmacist Association (MIPA) and Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). The drugs that you will get from the stores in this network are both generic meds and brand name drugs.

The drugs are usually sourced from reputable drug manufacturers located in different parts of the world. Due to the prices available in this pharmacy network, it is ideal for people looking to save their money. There are some pharmacies which have the same look as the Good Pills drug stores but they are fake. These are created by scammers whose major aim is to use the fame that Good Pills network stores have to trick people and hence stand a chance of stealing from a large number of men and women. A good way to keep this from happening is through avoiding random web addresses while shopping for meds.

Good Pills Reviews

For a pharmacy network that has been online since the year 2001, there must be some consumer comments which will help us figure out whether they are worth your money and time. These are the comments that we have included below:

Good Pills Consumer Comments
Good Pills Consumer Comments

People are motivated to buy their meds online and have to wait for a while before the drugs arrive because they are able to save their money. Good Pills pharmacies offer good prices as Jessica who lives in Austria confirms. She says that she was able to find the pills she needed in one of Good Pills drugstore.

David purchased erectile dysfunction meds. From his comments, we can depict that he is satisfied with the results he got from the meds. He indicates that the pills work great. He did not have to wait for too long before the meds arrived. He says that the meds arrived on time. His bedroom life with his wife is great again.

Michael indicates that the prices were low. After navigating various pharmacies, he says that he can confirm the websites which form the Good Pills network are great. In all the four orders he has made, there was none that was delayed.

Good Pills Online

If you try to find the Good Pills pharmacy websites on the web using a search engine, you will not locate them. The websites are not optimized to appear in the first pages of the search results. If you notice a pharmacy that resembles the ones in the Good Pills network on the search engine first results pages, there is a very high likelihood that the pharmacy is a scam. We always advise you to watch out for scammers who replicate the design of pharmacy network websites. Every pharmacy in the Good Pills network will have a homepage that has the look indicated below:

Good Pills Home
Good Pills Home

All the sites will have the title Trust Pharmacy on them. They all feature a lady wearing glasses. The sites indicate that they have already served over a million clients for the 17 years they have been in operation. The pharmacies guarantee their customers that they will enjoy fast delivery and the prices they will have to pay for the meds are the lowest. The best sellers section is largely composed of ED medications. However, these are not the only meds that the pharmacy network specializes in. The stores carry numerous drugs which will cater to the needs of anyone. The only people who will not be catered for are people looking for controlled drugs or narcotics. You won’t find any of these since the pharmacies only stock FDA approved drugs.

Good Pills coupons

Good Pills Free Shipping
Good Pills Free Shipping

The fact that you won’t find any coupon codes online for Good Pills pharmacies does not mean that you will not enjoy discounts on your meds. The discounts are available to bulk buyers. The price per pill will reduce as you increase the number of tablets you are buying.

The free shipping deals start when you purchase drugs worth over 200 dollars. This grants you free worldwide airmail shipping. If you kick things up a notch and decide to purchase drugs worth more than $300, you get to not pay for your EMS shipping. You are always guaranteed of some free pills which come with every order you make.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

The Good Pills network has two phone numbers. These are +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092. For people who don’t want to call and talk directly to the customer support agents, you can shoot the pharmacy network an email through the contact form they have prepared on their contact page.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Good Pills team is not one of the people who will do just anything just to make people buy from them. They don’t call people unless it is absolutely necessary. They will not email you not unless they are informing you about something very important.


It is estimated that there are more than 35000 pharmacies on the web. Over 95% of these pharmacies are fake. The good news is that pharmacy networks such as Good Pills are not in the fake pharmacies section. They are among the 5% genuine pharmacies. We have determined this after checking to see whether these pharmacies have all the qualities that an online pharmacy network that operates genuinely should have. Since the stores are registered by CIPA and MIPA, they sell genuine medications which function well and help their users eliminate the health problems they have. Therefore, we have decided to rate them 5 stars.

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