Review – Netherlands’ Online Drug Pharmacy that Offers Rare ED Drugs Review – Netherlands’ Online Drug Pharmacy that Offers Rare ED Drugs Main Page Main Page was an online pharmacy based in the Netherlands. The language of this site was originally in Dutch. This online pharmacy offered rare erectile dysfunction drugs. ErectieMiddelen-ErectiePillenShop is no longer in business. Information about the start and close date of its operation are not available at the moment. was also known as the ‘erectile dysfunction pill stop” for people with ED problems. This website had different types of erectile dysfunction medicines from different manufacturers. Aside from the popular Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra, this website also offered Sextreme pills, Tadasiva, Sildalis, Jungle Juice Poppers, Blue Boy Poppers, Amsterdam Poppers, Cenforce, Apcalis, Silagra, Euroglider, Filagra, Valis, Malegra, and Manscent Poppers. These were extreme and hard to find ED drugs that offered online at a very low price. With at least 50 ED drugs on their list, this website didn’t offer Viagra on their list.

ErectieMiddelen-ErectiePillenShop sold their ED medicines in packs. For a Kamagra 100mg, 100 erectile pills, it costs $437. For their generic Cialis 20mg, 50 erection pills, it costs $69.98. 3 bottles of Jungle juice poppers were sold for $7.30. 4 pieces of Silagra (100mg) was sold for $8.11. With more than 50 ED drugs offered at this site, Viagra is not included. Customers who were unable to make a decision on which ED drug to pick can try the website’s free trial promo. Whether these medicines were FDA approved was not indicated on their page! According to ErectieMiddelen-ErectiePillenShopl, the medicines they supply were from certified drug manufacturers. They also assured customers that all of their medicines were genuine and they never shipped fake medicines.

Customers of were able to purchase from this online pharmacy by paying with their Visa or MasterCard. Paypal was also accepted as payment. Since the website was no longer, I cannot verify if this online pharmacy offers their products worldwide. Based on their shipping information though, they promised to deliver orders within 48 hours, which is impossible for international deliveries. Most likely, this website only delivered within the Netherlands. Shipping cost and the shipping service they used were not available at the moment. The refund and the return policy of this website were also not available. This was due to the fact that the site was no longer active and all data were gathered from web archive and third-party review websites only.

According to a third-party website, can be reached through their phone support and ‘contact us’ page. Their phone number was 06-21617859 and their email address was [email protected] Customers used to connect with through this contact information. Since the site is no longer active, contacting them is no longer possible at the moment. Reviews was an online pharmacy that offered different types of ED drugs. This website operated from Netherlands and although I am not sure if it delivers worldwide, I still tried to look for customer reviews to prove its reliability.

Apparently, this website doesn’t have any customer review to prove that they existed and delivered quality products. With no customer reviews to use, let’s go ahead and check the status of Erectie Middelen-Erectie Pillen Shop from a reputation analysis website like Reviews 2017 is a website that analyzes and determine whether a specific website is reliable or not. This website checks the reliability and safety of certain online shops to determine whether they are fake and gives advice to consumers if a site is found scam and unsafe. Trust Rating Trust Rating

According to, was a reliable and safe website to use. It looks like this website did deliver their promise to their customers during their run. I would be glad to test their rare ED drugs if only they will operate again! Coupon Codes was an online pharmacy that offered different kinds of ED drugs. As an online store, this internet shop had no promotions or discounts offered to their customers. It is possible though that they had in the past but those codes were not captured in the web archive. Having promotions like free shipping or bonus pills would be effective though in attracting customers like me.

Conclusion was one of Netherlands’ top online pharmacy for ED drugs. They had a wide variety of ED medicines and they offered 48-hour shipping. This e-shop was considered as the ‘erectile dysfunction pill stop’ for everyone with ED problem. offered special ED drugs, drugs that you cannot normally find in other online stores. They offered Cenforce, Valis, Malegra Apcalis, Silagra, Euroglider, Sextreme pills, Tadasiva, Sildalis, Jungle Juice Poppers, Blue Boy Poppers, Amsterdam Poppers, Filagra, and Manscent Poppers. With these weird-named ED medicines, Erectie Middelen-Erectie Pillen Shop promised to ship it in the most discreet packaging possible.

Another thing that I liked about this site was the ample information they give about each ED medicine they sold. On their site, once you clicked on a certain ED drug, it will give you a page where information about the drug was written such as the price, dosage, right dosage to use, how to use it and possible side effects to expect. was written in the Dutch language. I was able to understand it by using Google translate. The information from this site was limited because it only came from web archive. Still, it was a surprise that this site never had customer reviews or promotions offered to their customers in the past. The result of a reputation analysis for this site was positive though, citing that was a safe website to use. seems to trust this site advising users that it was safe to use. 2 out of 5 stars is the highest rating Erectie Middelen-Erectie Pillen Shop can get.

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