Drugstore.ind.in Review – Online Pharmacy that Left Nothing but Fake Customer Reviews!

Drugstore.ind.in Review – Online Pharmacy that Left Nothing but Fake Customer Reviews!

Drugstore.ind.in Main Page
Drugstore.ind.in Main Page

Drugstore.ind.in was one of the leading internet pharmacies in the world according to their home page. They operated for more than 10 years and they offered low-priced generic medicines worldwide. All medicines offered at this online pharmacy were FDA approved and were certified internationally. The medicines offered by drugstore.ind.in were manufactured in India. The location of this store was not revealed by the site owner.

There were at least 50 categories of drugs that drugstore.ind.in offered on their home page. Medicines for alcoholism, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, allergies, convulsion, fungal infection, asthma, arthritis, viral infection, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases were available from this store. They also offered medicines for eye care, erectile dysfunction, migraine, obesity, osteoporosis, and HIV medicines.

When it comes to ED medicines, drugstore.ind.in offered a lot of it as well. They had generic Viagra, generic Levitra, and generic Cialis. Generic Viagra was available for $0.92 per tablet and generic Cialis was available for $2 per tablet. Generic Cialis was available for $3 while Kamagra was sold for $1.67 per pill. They also offered generic Viagra for female for a price tag of $2.39 per tablet. Other ED drugs such as Tadalis, Vigora, Silaga, and Suhagra were also sold from this store. Most of these generic ED medicines were manufactured in India. These medicines were FDA approved.

The only payment method accepted by drugstore.ind.in was payment via credit card. A user’s card gets charged once the ‘submit button’ is pressed. Once the bank authorized the charges, drugstore.ind.in will go ahead and process the order and ready it for shipping. This website used Secure Socket Layer to keep their customer’s information safe from getting hacked. They also employed McAfee and WebSafe for added online security.

Drugstore.ind.in promised worldwide shipping although there were some countries in Asia where they were unable to deliver orders. For delivery, they had Express International Mail for $20 and Standard International Airmail for $10. For Express International Mail, the package was trackable and delivery takes 5 to 9 business days. For Standard International Airmail, the order was not trackable and delivery takes 10 to 21 days. Express International Mail only delivers to home addresses and doesn’t work on PO Box addresses. For issues associated with delivery such as lost or damaged order, customers have to contact the support team of this online pharmacy to request a refund or reshipping of their order.

For inquiries and issues, drugstore.ind.in was reached by its customers through their contact us page, and through their numbers, 1-800-532-4808 (US toll-free), 1-718-475-9088 (US regular), and 44-203-011-0241 (UK customers). Customers were able to make complaints as well by sending their message to [email protected]

Drugstore.ind.in Reviews

After operating for more than 10 years, I am expecting to see a lot of customer reviews for drugstore.ind.in. When an online store operates that long, it means their business is doing great and that they have a lot of happy customers!

Indeed, I was not disappointed and found these customer reviews for this online pharmacy.

Drugstore.ind.in Customers Reports
Drugstore.ind.in Customers Reports

The first customer review I read was from Mike who shared that he received his order on time. He said he was impressed with the quick delivery time.

DN was also a customer of drugstore.ind.in who shared that he received his order and that his girlfriend was so happy (I am thinking the effect was really good). In his review, DN thanked the support team for doing a follow-up on his order until he got it.

The story of Brian was the last customer review I read where Brian shared that he received his order in 7 days. Brian added that he was so impressed that he was willing to tell his friends about this website and to order from it again.

Mike, DN, and Brian were three happy customers of drugstore.ind.in because they received their orders on time. As an online shopper, I would say that my basic expectation from an online store is for my order to be delivered on time! The stores of these three men were too simple and I don’t think a real customer would be taking a great time to write a review only to say they received their orders!

Looking at these customer feedbacks that can only be found on the store’s website, I would say that these are fake and unreal. Either the owner wrote it or paid someone to write it. This is a clear example of a scamming website!

Drugstore.ind.in Reviews 2017

With fake reviews, my expectation about drugstore.ind.in became lower and to make matters easier, I decided to use scamadviser.com as a final decision maker.

Drugstore.ind.in Has Been Threat Listed
Drugstore.ind.in Has Been Threat Listed

According to scamadviser.com, drugstore.ind.in was “not a safe” website to use and if you are looking to buy online medications, you better stay clear of this site. It just so happened that drugstore.ind.in is no longer active.

Further analysis of scamadviser.com revealed that this site could be located in Russia.

Drugstore.ind.in Coupon Codes

Drugstore.ind.in had introduced a few promotions in order to attract customers into trying their products.

Drugstore.ind.in Special Offers
Drugstore.ind.in Special Offers

The promotions they introduced were “buy more, get more” promo and free shipping.

For the first promotion, customers who purchased at least 20 pills got 4 more free and customers who ordered 60 pills got 10 more free. Customers who ordered 100 ED pills got 20 more free. To qualify for free shipping, customer’s order must be at least $150 or above in total.


Drugstore.ind.in was active as an online pharmacy for 10 years. It offered Indian FDA approved generic medicines. It offered worldwide shipping and for customers who ordered more than $150, the shipping was free. The owner of the site didn’t reveal the closing date of this online pharmacy.

What I liked about this website was the presence of promotions and discounts to lure customers. If the promotions were real, then they were really giving big help to customers who are looking for the best way to save when buying their prescription medicines. They also had two shipping options that customers can choose from.

What I don’t like about this website was the fact that their reviews were fake and their unquestionable reputation from scamadviser.com. As an online shopper, I always prefer to see honest customer reviews because it serves as my basis for determining if an online site is real or not. The analysis result of scamadviser.com was my final straw and with the negative result, I am only giving drugstore.ind.in a rate of 1 out of 5 stars.

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