Drugs-for-sale.com Review – One of the Earliest Online Pharmacies—Now Out of Service

Drugs-for-sale.com Review – One of the Earliest Online Pharmacies—Now Out of Service

Drugs-for-sale.com Main Page
Drugs-for-sale.com Main Page

Drugs-for-sale.com closed down—I visited this store recently and instead of seeing an online pharmacy, I was welcomed by an error message from my browser. This website, Drugs For Sale, was one of the earliest web pharmacies on the web market. I found records for this store on the archives as early as 2003, although its files stopped in 2005—the year was probably the last active year of this web pharmacy.

Because Drugs-for-sale.com was one of the pioneers when it came to online prescription service, the shop’s former site looked nothing like the present web pharmacies, although the product lineup was pretty much the same. This store offered medications to its consumers for the concerns of pain relief, men’s health, weight loss, skin care, smoking cessation, sexual health, allergy relief, and so much more. The shop appeared to offer only a limited product lineup for each medical category, but it was probably because Drugs For Sale offered mostly brand-name medications for its clients.

According to the details of the former website, all of these products were accredited by the Food and Drug Administration, which assured the clients of the safety for intake of these medications. Drugs-for-sale.com, though, did not ask for prescriptions for any of its products, as it was able to offer online consultations for its clients.

Drugs for Sale claimed to offer the lowest prices for all of its products, but since the shop had incomplete data saved in the archives, I was unable to check the prices for even the famous meds on the store.

Although Drugs-for-sale.com provided an informational ABOUT page, the store did not discuss its store’s history and other essential business details. The shop merely related how it was one of the “largest online pharmaceutical ordering services” and that it employed the service of US board-certified physicians and pharmacists.

There was no information about the payment process and the shipping rates the shop charged its clients—although the web archive was able to present saved shots of this store’s pages during the past, there was actually incomplete information available on Drugs-for-sale’s former site.

Policies for product replacements and reshipments were also unavailable and Drugs for Sale did not offer discussions on missing orders and orders damaged during transit.

Drugs-for-sale.com appeared to have stopped its service several years ago, but the web did not provide any information concerning this store’s cessation of service. This may be because web content for Drugs-for-sale.com was severely under-optimized, or that the store may have been unpopular with customers during the past.

Drugs-for-sale.com Reviews

It’s always a challenge looking for consumer reviews on online drug stores. Drugs-for-sale.com did not have records for its service during its active period—the store had no mentions on several platforms such as Reseller Ratings, Trust Pilot, Pharmacies Review, and other independent review sites. Old buyer threads from forum sites were also unavailable for this online shop.

I can’t think of any reason why Drugs-for-sale.com did not have reviews, except for its obvious unpopularity. However, being unpopular does not give web pharmacies an excuse not to have testimonials—all selling platforms should strive to accumulate reviews to give their prospects good insight regarding their service.

Drugs-for-sale.com Reviews 2017

Drugs-for-sale.com closed down early as its records stopped showing up in 2005. Since this store did not have organic reviews from its former clients, I thought it best to search the web for available analysis reports on this web domain. Luckily, two of the most-used domain analysis platforms had records for this web pharmacy:

Drugs-for-sale.com Trust Rating
Drugs-for-sale.com Trust Rating

Scam Adviser’s check on Drugs-for-sale.com revealed that the store was a “threat listed” site which involved a high-risk country. The overall rating for Drugs For Sale was 65/100 and the shop was identified as an offline store, which was actually accurate.

Drugs-for-sale.com Safety Level
Drugs-for-sale.com Safety Level

The other web analysis platform also gave a poor score for Drugs For Sale—Scamner only gave 0 out of 100 for the website. According to the results of Scamner’s analysis, the website did not own an SSL certificate and was marked as a spam site sometime in its life span.

Drugs-for-sale.com Coupon Codes

Being an archaic site, the shop did not have the modern graphics that common online pharmacies now feature. The store did not also have creative deals for its clients—Drugs For Sale did not even have a conditional free shipping offer for its clients able to reach a certain order amount.

Coupon codes and discount offers were not visible on the former records of Drugs For Sale, as the store probably did not think of offering deals for its clients during its active period.


Drugs-for-sale.com offered a limited product range and offered its prescription service along with an online-consultation service from US licensed physicians. This store was one of the earliest online pharmacies in the web, and despite operating for a significant period, Drugs-for-sale.com did not have any consumer reviews available or any buyer feedback for its service. My rating for this closed shop is only a low 1/5 stars, because of its present status and also due to its dearth of feedbacks.

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