Review – “Threat” Online Pharmacy that Is No Longer Active Review – “Threat” Online Pharmacy that Is No Longer Active Main Page Main Page believed that they were the best bridge towards affordable medicine. This online pharmacy wants to give every customer the best health products available hence they only worked with reliable pharmaceutical companies and guaranteed medicine suppliers. This online pharmacy was no longer active.

Since De24cl was already closed, the information used for this review were taken from web archive and third-party websites. At the moment, the location, start, and closed date of this website is not available.

On the main page of, you can find the different drugs they offered. It was arranged under certain medical conditions such as allergy, birth control, diuretics, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, mental illness, weight loss, skin care, hormones, motion sickness, and asthma among others. Users will just have to click on the condition they had and the list of medicines available to treat the said condition will appear. The price of the medicine appears next to it. Information about the medicine was also available once you click on a particular drug.

The price of ED drugs from De24cl was competitive when compared to other online pharmacies that offer generic ED drugs. For example, their generic Cialis pill costs $ 1.26 and $2.11 per pill for black generic Cialis. A branded Viagra costs $6.26 per pill and their Viagra Gold costs $8.77. A generic Viagra pill costs $1.16 and $2.60 for Kamagra pill. All medicines offered by this online drug store were FDA approved.

Customers were able to order from after paying using their credit card. Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and E-Checks were accepted. A refund is guaranteed for an undelivered package only. A Refund was also requested for orders that were damaged upon delivery although can reship it for free too. Customers can contact their support team and request for refund or reshipping of order. Reshipping is free as the shipping fee will be covered by De24cl.

For shipping method, this will depend on the available methods on the country of destination. Customers can choose the available method in their country and pay for the shipping cost. This means that shipping cost depends on order’s destination. Since customers already paid the original shipping charge, if there was a need for re-shipping of order, the store will shoulder it for the customer. At most, the shipping methods available in most countries were still Trackable Courier Service and Airmail Service. can be reached through their US toll-free number 1-877-888-9761 and the UK number 44-2036081-340. A contact us page was also available for customers who don’t have access to a phone. With the site being down, I am unable to test if these contact options are responsive to customer inquiries. It was not stated either if they had live chat support during their run. Reviews

For online businesses, customer reviews have its advantages. The first one is it serves as an advertisement for the store itself. An online store with great customer reviews will definitely attract more customers. Customer reviews can also improve search engine results especially if your store’s name is always mentioned in the review. Another advantage of having customer review (whether it is a positive or a negative) is that it serves as an avenue for improvement. Most businesses take negative reviews as constructive criticisms and improve their products and services based on it. Most genuine businesses would invest on having customer reviews yet doesn’t even have one! What is frustrating here was the fact that De24cl was an international online pharmacy which means they sold their products all over the world and not even one customer wrote a review! Reviews 2017

With no customer review to gauge the reliability and genuineness of, I tried to check its status from is a reputation analysis website that focuses in determining whether a specific site is safe for consumers or not. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

The result of analysis showed that was a ‘threat site”. The site analysis showed that this online pharmacy must have operated from the Netherlands. The gist is, this internet shop was not safe to use and I am glad it was no longer active.

Can I trust For their analysis, uses information such as the owner and administrator of the website, their technical and billing contact number, the servers they are using and their registration address. If this information is missing or unavailable, then it means it is a shady website and warns users. Coupon Codes

I am not sure though if it was not captured or they really didn’t have any promotions during their run so I had not found any coupon codes for I knew that most online stores use promotions and give discounts to attract customers. Perhaps this online pharmacy had one before but it was not captured in the web archive.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offered competitive price medicines. The drugs they offered were FDA approved. According to their website, the medicines they offered were from reliable pharmaceutical companies only. With the website being down, most information is missing about this online pharmacy.

Although it offered worldwide service, this website didn’t have a single customer review. I find it odd because as an online store, they could have served hundreds of people yet none of their customers had the time to write them a feedback. I always depend on customer reviews because it attests to the reliability of the store. With no customer reviews to show, I deem De24cl as a fake and perhaps they never had a customer at all.

I also find the result analysis as disturbing because as an online store, they should be confident to give their location. also tagged this site as a “threat”. With this information, I am giving De24cl a rate of 1 out of 5 stars.

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