Review – Not Safe Online Drugstore Review – Not Safe Online Drugstore Main Page Main Page was an online store whose prime aim was to provide high-quality products and service to their customers. Their promise revolved around delivering safe, secure and discreet medicine around the world. CVS Online Pharmacy Store is no longer active and its location was not disclosed by the web site owner. The closing date was also not revealed.

CVS Online Pharmacy Store offered generic medicines of all kinds. They had ED medicines, anti-allergy and asthma drugs, antidepressant and diabetes medicines, antibiotics, herpes medicines, birth control pills, cardiovascular drugs, cholesterol medicines, pain relief, skin care drugs and weight loss medicines. Among their most popular drugs were ED drugs such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra.

For their generic ED drugs, CVSOnlinePharmacyStore offered generic Viagra for $0.89 per pill. You can also find a generic Levitra on this site and it was sold for $1.81 per pill. A piece of generic Cialis was sold for $1.53 per pill. Their Indian Ed drug, Kamagra, was sold for $2.06 per tablet and $3.61 for the jelly version. If this store is still open, it would be a great store to check the different kinds of ED medicines. claimed that their products were Indian FDA approved as it was all from India. They also claimed that these medicines were as effective as its branded counterparts.

CVS Online Pharmacy Store accepted all types of credit cards for payment. The credit card used for purchase gets charged once the order is shipped. Once the card was charged and approved, the order will be prepared for shipping. At this point, cancellation of an order was no longer possible. deliver orders to their customers through Airmail and EMS or Express Mail Service. Express Mail Services takes up to 21 days for the order to get delivered while Airmail takes up to 28 days. Shipping costs depend on the destination of the order. If a parcel gets delayed in custom (due to drug regulations), customers can contact CVS Online Pharmacy Store and they will try to fix the issue. Undelivered orders due to customs issues were refundable.

For questions, inquiries, and requests, was reachable through their ‘contact us’ page. They also had a toll free number, 1-877-217-0116. Reviews is no longer active and had been down for quite some time now. With limited information about this e-pharmacy, I decided to check if they have customer reviews that can back-up their claim regarding delivering safe, secure and discreet medicines worldwide. Testimonials Testimonials

Emilia Stone of Ontario wrote in her review how helped his husband in resolving his medical problem. According to Emilia, her husband was 40 years old and he was using some medicines that cost a lot. She said that she found CVS Online Pharmacy Store and was enticed by the reviews she read about the website. After a quick visit at home page, she finally found the generic pills that her husband needs. Emilia was thankful for this e-pharmacy because the medicines they offered were at least 50% cheaper as compared to those medicines offered in their local drug store. Lastly, she was happy that she received all her orders in one week.

Mr. Ericson from New Jersey was another happy customer of Mr. Ericson said that he was happy with the price of medicines offered by and that they really work! Among the things that he loved were the fast delivery, the discounts he was getting and the supportive customer support. He ended his review with a question as to why others were not joining him yet in trusting from

Emilia Stone and Mr. Ericson were definitely phonies who wrote a testimonial for CVS Online Pharmacy Store in exchange for money. What made me say so? The reviews were scripted! They were too positive and too appreciative of The reviews were also available on-site only and cannot be found on third-party websites! I strongly believe that these reviews were a scam and cannot be trusted. Reviews 2017

With unreliable customer reviews on-site, I started to have doubts about Just to be sure, I decided to check the reputation of this e-pharmacy from Safety Level Safety Level

The result of analysis revealed that this online store was not recommended for browsing and buying. Indeed, it has 0% trust rating! Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

Another scam analyzing website, revealed that this internet shop was listed as a “threat site”. Their analysis showed that this site might be operating in the European Union or the US. It only showed that they were using different servers to keep their location a secret. Coupon Codes

When every online store is offering 10 to 20 percent discounts, here was what offered to the clients – a free shipping to some orders! Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

Well, it is better to offer something than nothing at all. I am expecting other promotions though like bonus pills perhaps!

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offered Indian FDA approved generic medicines worldwide. This internet drug store has been closed and information about their start date, close date and location were not disclosed by the website owner. This was one shady part for me who believes that every online store must be transparent enough to show their customers who they are!

CVS Online Pharmacy Store had a lot to offer and they had affordable medicines, especially their ED drugs. Most of their generic ED drugs cost less than $2.

What I find suspicious from this website were their fake customer reviews. Those reviews they had were clearly written and added on-site in an attempt to lure potential customers. My qualms were heightened by the fact that scam analyzing websites such as and tagged as a “threat” and “not safe” online pharmacy. For these reasons, I am rating CVS Online Pharmacy Store 1 out of 5 stars.

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