Review – Ceased Foreign E-pharmacy with High Trust Rating Review – Ceased Foreign E-pharmacy with High Trust Rating Main Page Main Page is an online pharmaceutical site which has half on its information displayed in English and the remaining is in some other foreign language (that I’m assuming is Spanish) that is not known to me. The website of ComprareGenericos is not on the air anymore and has been archived for an unspecified period of time. The website is one of those where a user can find a minimal information. Therefore, it is not known when the company of ComprareGenericos started its operation or when was it ceased or any information related to the store location is not known.

One distinguishing feature of the site of Comprare Genericos that I found was that they urge site visitors to compare their prices to other online pharmacies. Even their tagline states ‘compare prices, then you decide where to buy’. ComprareGenericos team has also given links corresponding to each drug to compare its price to the prices at which other sell the same medication.

The e-store of ComprareGenericos doesn’t not sell a lot of medications but all they sell are the drugs for hair loss, weight loss, cholesterol, ED and some others written in a language unreadable to me as I mentioned above. Since I’m assuming the website is not US based, the prices they have mentioned are also not is US dollars. They have also given some additional information for each pill in the same foreign language. For instance, the price for Viagra is 3.17 € per pill. Moreover, I could not get hold of the information if these drugs are approved by any regulatory authority like FDA.

As I mentioned above, the website of ComprareGenericos has barely any information which a consumer usually needs. And if there is, it is not readable for a person who only knows English. So I could extract out no information related to shipping methods, costs and time or payment methods etc. It was also not known if the company allows refunds, reshipments or order cancellation. Lastly, for customers looking to get more information, even no link to contact the help desk is given. Reviews is one of those online pharmaceutical stores which do not showcase any reviews or comments left by any of the customers. The website does not have a testimonials section so we cannot have reviews from the vendor’s site. But there are no reviews on any independent pharmacy reviews site too.

It is a natural human instinct when making online purchases that they look for the authenticity of the source and whether the company they are considering purchasing from is fair in this business. The main source of finding out the legitimacy of a company is looking for what the customers that have previously purchased from them have to say. Moreover, only those reviews that are on some independent site should be considered genuine as the vendors sometimes post appreciations on their site to attract customers.

Having found none of these customer reviews for ComprareGenericos, we are unaware of the vendor’s reputation. We cannot decide if the company sells genuine products or does not scam customers with taking money falsely. Therefore, the better option is to choose a well-reputable e-store and to avoid buying from a potential hoax website. Reviews 2017

The next resort after finding no Comprare Genericos customer reviews is to consult the scam reports obtained from various online verification sites. One of the most trustable sources, for this reason, is Scam Advisor which specifies the current status of a website. For websites that are closed like, gives the status for when the website was online.

I checked out’s scam reports and for an e-pharmacy with no user comments, it had a very good trust rating. The site was also labeled safe to use and has a rating of 85%. There was no potential issue with the website other than that it was no more functional. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Seemingly, must have been a genuine pharmacy when it was in operation as it looks like from the scam reports Coupon Codes does not offer a lot of appealing discount deals or coupon codes for customers who want more on their orders. They, however, do offer free shipping which is probably applicable under some specific condition like ordering above a specific amount etc. They also send a number of free pills as a bonus with the orders. Freу Shipping Offer Freу Shipping Offer also used to sell medication at lower per pill rates when ordered in large quantities. Nonetheless, there were no more any such deals for the customers to avail other than those I have specified above.

Conclusion has been a closed down pharmacy with most of the information on the website written in a foreign language. There is barely any information known about the site like its time of operation or location etc. The website also does not provide any necessary information like the shipping methods ComprareGenericos use to deliver medications or the payments methods they allow their customers.

Although the website does not have any independent or on-site user reviews, its status and vendor’s reputation can be known from the various verification sites like Scam Advisor. Astoundingly, the results from these scam reports specified that the website has a very good trust rating and that it can be trusted with purchases. Moreover, they also used to provide some discounts like free shipping for customers etc. and bonus pills with large orders.

I usually rate offline pharmacies 1 but those are the ones that have poor trust rating and are usually rogue pharmacies. looks like it was a genuine pharmacy when in operation that is why I’m giving Comprare Genericos a rating of 2 out of 5.

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