Review – This Domain Was Home To Defunct Review – This Domain Was Home To Defunct Main Page Main Page is currently off the Internet pharmacy market and the domain is up for sale. I learned that it was the first domain name for the website before it moved to a domain identical to the website name. “About Us” said obtained its wide range of Brand name and generic medicines from legitimate pharmaceutical suppliers that guaranteed quality.

I found out in “Terms And Policies” that the pharmacy provided prescription-free access to medications. In “How To Order” I was introduced to the simple steps leading up to purchase. All a buyer had to do was click on the full list of available products (which was visible on the homepage), choose the needed amount, and click submit. After doing this for their required medications, customers proceeded to the checkout where prices were given.

The domain name suggested that Tramadol was considered the pharmacy’s main attraction but that pain medication which doubles as a remedy for premature ejaculation was not among the top fourteen drugs on the store. Xanax (Alprazolam) an antidepressant, Broma(Lexotan Bromazepam) a sleep aid, and Chlordiazepoxide a sedative were the top three bestsellers.

The store didn’t have either generic or Brand Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Sildenafil citrate. The only thing that might have been used for male sexual health is Tramadol which has been shown to deal effectively with premature ejaculation as earlier alluded to. Payments for medications were done using Credit Cards only. All orders were shipped by International Airmail in 14-30 days.

I got no information on whether refunds or returns were possible but I noticed that cancellations were not possible. Reviews

I couldn’t get access to the prices in the checkout because the archived record didn’t permit me to navigate to that window. So, I couldn’t find out how cheap the Tramadol was. One of the only remaining chances I had of finding out anything about prices was the reviews on the websites. I found the reviews below from no later than 2004. Feedback Feedback

The reviewers used a lot of asterisks in their usernames. The first reviewer, S***** H*****, just wanted to say thank you to the management for making it possible for him to receive his order in a timely manner. He promised to continue doing business with them and reserved special praise for the customer service.

A second customer, B****, addressed someone named Raphael, who I’m assuming was a member of the customer service team, directly. This user thanked Raphael for his quick response to an email he sent. He felt better after getting feedback and informed the agent that he had gotten his order.

A third user, G******, thanked the team for all their help. He indicated his desire to become a regular customer. He praised them for going out of their way to help him. He thought the prices were “great” and the service was “excellent”. He was sure he would be in contact when next he would need some more medications and had decided to tell friends about the website.

It sounded like customers really enjoyed shopping on this pharmacy. I needed to verify that this praise was justified because it’s possible that the seller only selected the most approving reviews. Reviews 2017

I have had a lot of success previously with obtaining unaffiliated customer opinions for other vendor websites and so I tried to do the same for I came across a report on which was written in 2004 wherein the complainant. The American who wrote it had his Credit Card billed but didn’t receive his order after waiting for about 60 days, didn’t get a refund, and when he tried reporting to customer service he got bogus answers. Scamadviser and Scamner also had their say. Trust Rating Trust Rating

2004 is the year Scamadviser gave for the domains creation. This website analyst found that the website was located in and originated from the United States. It confirmed that the website is up for sale and assigned the website a High Trust rating of 100%. Safety Level Safety Level

Scamner disclosed that the website was indeed created in 2004 and doesn’t have any trust records and the domain expires in two-months time. No SSL certificate was found for the website. It rounded up by giving a 0% grade. Coupon Codes

The pharmacy didn’t employ any form of bonuses or price cuts. It has become a common trend for pharmacy vendors to attach these kinds of offers to the purchase of the different medications available in a particular store. Coupon codes have become a popular format through which customers can obtain discounts on their desired prescription medications. Conversely, customers who purchase generic or Brand name drugs for the first time from a pharmacy website automatically qualify as recipients of a fixed price cut on that order or for every order following. Shipping is something that online pharmacy customers and customers of reputable online stores, in general, are able to take advantage of. With online pharmacies, free shipping becomes available if a customer buys above a specified total.

Conclusion used to be the address for Both domain names are up for sale. I learned about its association with legitimate pharmaceutical suppliers of prescription drugs in the “About Us” section. It provided prescription-free access to medications of guaranteed quality for cheap prices. Xanax, Bromazepam, and Chlordiazepoxide were surprisingly more popular than Tramadol. Tramadol was the only Sexual Health medication which was popular for curbing premature ejaculation. The prices for the medications could only be obtained in checkout and the archived sample of this vendor didn’t permit navigation to checkout. The outpouring of affection for in the reviews stored on the website itself was contradicted by a 2004 report I located on That didn’t stop from giving the vendor a 100% High Trust rating since it operated and was created in the United States. The results on that website also showed that was created in 2004. couldn’t find a secure socket layer and rated the pharmacy store 0% while it noted that the domain expires in two months time. I have decided to give 1 star out of 5.

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