Review – This Deceptive Canadian Pharmacy May Be Connected to China Review – This Deceptive Canadian Pharmacy May Be Connected to China Main Page Main Page is an Internet pharmacy or ‘pharmacy world’, to use the website’s preferred description, that entered the marketplace in 2004. It is certified by the Canadian regulatory bodies CPA and CIPA, as well as Manitoba International Pharmacists Association. Supplying inexpensive prescription drugs of the highest quality is its goal.

I spent some time going through the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on a recent visit and one of the things I set out to find is what the prescription policy stipulates. I was made to understand that sending or uploading prescriptions obtained from one’s doctor is not needed for orders to be processed. Disease contraindications is one of many good reasons, however, to seek medical advice to help make purchase decisions.

After the “Special Offer” and “Bestsellers” categories, I noticed an eclectic list of medicines. There are medications for Allergies, Antifungal drugs, Muscle Relaxants, Men’s Health medications, antibiotics, anxiety drugs, Erectile Dysfunction medicines, Depression, and Diabetes medications. The bestsellers were Erectile Dysfunction medicines.

I focused my attention on these ED medicines and was able to appreciate the number and formulations available. I found Brand Viagra, Brand Levitra, and Brand Cialis. 120 tablets and 100mg Viagra cost $398.68, 96 pills of 20mg Cialis cost $355.92, and 48 pills of 20mg Levitra cost $196.47. E-check or Visa and AmEx Credit cards are the payment options. Airmail (USPS for US customers) and EMS were used for shipping.

The former costs $10 and takes 2-3 weeks to arrive while the latter costs $20 and takes 3-8 business days to arrive. I tried the customer support lines. Reviews

I was happy to find that there is a “Testimonials” page on the Canadian-pharmacy-ams own site. The information the reviewers share is something that I am always interested in learning about. I realize I am not alone in my curiosity and that is why I have attached the group of reviews in the screenshot below. Feedback Feedback

Jackson is a customer who resides in Italy. He had begun to suspect that he was being scammed by this vendor when his order arrived. “I thought surely you were scamming me”. He had placed two orders and was relieved to find his medications in his mailbox. Both orders were delivered two days apart so he figured the delay for the first was the postal service’s fault. He wondered jokingly if the vendor would send some women so he wouldn’t waste any pill and wished the vendor good karma.

John was unconvinced about the safety of buying drugs on the Internet. His experience with Canadian-pharmacy-ams became a turning point. He had a good experience ordering from this store and was pleased to share that he had received his order which turned out to be effective. He was happy that no prescriptions are required.

The last review was written by Nathan who is from the United Kingdom. He was thrilled to have received his order just seven days after he submitted his request. He had no doubt that any time he needed medications, this store would be his choice. He wanted his friends to enjoy the service like he did as well writing, “I will contact you again, and will inform my friends of your excellent service”.

In my experience, it’s always wise to take on-site reviews with a pinch of salt. They are rarely, if ever, negative. I looked for external reviews that I planned on comparing with these. It was then I discovered that these very reviews are on “Testimonials” sections of other web addresses. This deception is uncalled-for. Earning positive reviews shouldn’t be overlooked in favor of shortcuts. Reviews 2017

I am sure that if I had succeeded in getting those assessments from elsewhere, I would have been able to see the true perception that customers have of this seller’s website. It was left for and to weigh in on the question of this website’s credibility. Safety Level Safety Level could only give this store a 4% rating and noted that the owner has registered the website and domain using a free email. The report warns that due to the absence of an SSL certificate, customers’ data could be compromised in the store. It also showed that the website was created a year ago. Trust Rating Trust Rating traced the website to its location in the United States. The detector saw the free email used in registration just like Scamner. It also located a Malware report concerning this website and was certain high-risk countries like China were associated with it. It concluded that the website is most likely from China and hence is Untrustworthy. Coupon Codes

At the bottom of the home screen, I could see the same thing that is shown in the “Special Offer” category. I saw four different offers of free Viagra pills for different kinds of purchases. The image below depicts one of the four. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

If a customer bought one of the special offers called “Trial Erection Packs 1“, they would receive free Viagra pills for every order. If a customer purchased any one of “Erection Packs 1“, they also get free Viagra pills for every order. The same bonus applies to buying Malegra DXT plus Sildenafil duloxetine. The last offer is two free Viagra pills for buying Dapoxetine. Aside from those four, there is the standard offer of free shipping for all orders above 200 US dollars – free airmail shipping. There is no sign of discount codes being utilized to get price discounts on Neither are the discounts that are incremented with more purchases.


Touring Canadian-pharmacy-ams website was informative. Established in 2004, has all the certifications a Canadian online pharmacy could possibly have. I saw the seals of CPA, CIPA, and MIPA on the store’s home screen. The medications supplied by this vendor are generally inexpensive generic medications which I discovered I could obtain without having to submit a valid prescription. The store advised against taking this flexibility to mean that professional opinion is unnecessary. I got acquainted with Anxiety drugs, Muscle Relaxants, Antibiotics, Antidepressants, and ED medications. The Erectile Dysfunction medicines revealed the presence of Brand Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. It was frustrating to find the reviews posted on in the “Testimonials” sections of separate websites. Deceptive. gave this vendor a 4% score while Scamadviser considered the store untrustworthy. China, a High-Risk country, is the likely source of the website. I agree with the untrustworthy assessment and I assign a 2-star rating.

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