Review – Risk of Money Lost if Dealing with this Vendor Review – Risk of Money Lost if Dealing with this Vendor Main Page Main Page claimed to have been a world pharmacy store operating online that allegedly sold their products for 70% less than a local pharmacy. This domain was redirecting to another similar domain,, and probably it was their just another drugstore. They had no location or operation dates but I assumed that they were operating solely as an online business.

Their featured drug was Nexium, a drug used for the treatment of GERD. Their best sellers though were Viagra, Cialis, Trial Erection Packs and Dapoxetine. On average Viagra would cost €0.33, Cialis €0.70, Levitra €1.10, Brand Viagra €3.49, Brand Cialis €3.85, Brand Levitra €3.99 and Kamagra €0.92. They were CPA and CIPA approved and a Member of the MIPA but nothing was seen with regards to their FDA status.

Whilst shipping was free for orders over $200, generally, customers who didn’t spend that much had to use either Airmail which would cost $10 or EMS Courier for a cost of $20. Airmail’s delivery took 2-3 weeks and EMS took 3-8 business days. Shockingly, they did not list their payment methods but most online pharmacies either accepted major credit cards or payments by money transfer systems.

In order to contact them, customers were expected to fill out a form or by telephone. There were numbers for both UK and US numbers. Refunds were issued if the customer was unsatisfied with their purchase, if the order was received damaged or defective. Unfortunately, returns were not accepted in accordance with International Policy Reviews

On their website, there was a testimonials section but because the domain had been removed from the internet, it did not load. Because Buy Provigil had a testimonials page, it showed that they obviously cared about their reputation and wanted to show themselves as credible sellers.

It was also possible that their reviews were highly and overly optimistic. Sellers always want to make themselves look better than the competition and they are in a very good position to control what is shared on their websites. That is why I preferred independent reviews.

When reviews are independent, they are more believable as the buyer has no obligation to the seller and the seller cannot control what may go on a pharmacy review website as it is not his. Still, one had to be wary because sellers can create fake accounts and post themselves. They can also hire people to post false positive reviews on their behalf and these persons may have never visited the seller’s website or even purchased items from the seller.

For these reasons alone, I used other independent technology sites to help me review buy-provigil website domain so I could have gotten a clearer picture of their operations. Reviews 2017

The technology websites I used were and Both are good websites that help to analyze the authenticity of a website’s domain or even show its location and safety rankings. Safety Level Safety Level

According to, was last updated about a year ago. I believed the shelf life for some of these products was just about a year. They gave them a rating of 0% and advised against browsing or purchasing. The website also was not very popular. Is a New Site Involving a High Risk Country Is a New Site Involving a High Risk Country

It seemed as though, Buy Provigil shop was located in Eastern Europe, their prices were quoted in Euros so it should not have been surprising. They were Lithuanian based but most likely from the Russian Federation. This result wasn’t too bad, I actually enjoyed visiting Lithuania but everyone knows that Russia has always had tension with the World. I didn’t think that anyone living out of Russia or Korea would actually be comfortable purchasing from them. Coupon Codes

Buy Provigil had some pretty cool offers. Well, not some just a few; namely Free Viagra Pills with every order and of course as mentioned before, free shipping on orders over $200. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

The only concern I had that would never be addressed was me wondering what pills I had to order to get the free Viagra. Was the promotion applied to all orders or just orders relating to erectile dysfunction drugs? They did sell other drugs that did not fall under the category of ED. If I ordered GERD drugs that would hardly necessitate me wanting to get free Viagra. I thought you needed a prescription for Viagra anyway? Free Shipping Free Shipping

Further, I felt that if I spent $200 on your website I was entitled to free shipping. $200 was and still is a lot of money for some so saving that $10 or $20 because they didn’t say what shipping I would get would have been deserved.

Conclusion presented a very interesting website to a new domain, Every time people was trying to access Buy Provigil website being redirected to that new domain location. So much so that they didn’t even state how they received their payments. Not that I was disappointed because a lot of scam websites lack the finesse to actually pull off a decent scam.

I could get over a lot of things easily but I could not get over them wanting to give free Viagra Pills with every order. The idea is ridiculous. What quantity of tablets would I receive? Was distribution based on how much was spent?

I rated 1 star simply because they left out a lot of pertinent information on their website that any rational person would want to make the most informed decision. I am an avid online shopper and I was disappointed that they did not exist beyond their website on the internet.

I would never recommend anyone buy from them or websites that are similar because more than likely the only outcome is going to be one where you lose your money.

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