Review – Shut Down Pharmaceutical Site with Surprisingly Good Trust Rating Review – Shut Down Pharmaceutical Site with Surprisingly Good Trust Rating Main Page Main Page has been a closed down pharmacy and it was quite evident to me as soon as I opened their website as it looks like a website that hasn’t been maintained for a long time. The e-pharmacy has been closed for 3 years now, ceasing its business back in 2014. Prior to that, the pharmacy claimed to have operated for 9 years from 2005 through 2014. The online pharmacy used to have various shipping points in the US and other European countries.

Buy anabolics used to sell various medications and a customer was not required to submit his prescription before ordering. It is not quite clear whether their medications are approved by FDA or not. The variety of drugs they sell include anti-depressants, anti-estrogens, anti-hair loss, bulking steroids, cutting steroids, human hormones, men’s health, skin care stimulants and weight loss. As I mentioned above that the site is not well maintained so when I decided to check out their prices list, to my dismay, although the prices were me mentioned there, the quantities weren’t specified.

The e-pharmacy used to provide shipping services for customers across the world. Shipping times, however, vary depending upon the customer’s location. For example, the users residing in the USA can get their hands on their medications within 5-10 business days. For Canadian, European and Asian customers, the shipping time is 10-12 days whereas South African customers can get their drugs after 10-17 days. However, it has not been mentioned how these medications are sent to customers.

Payment methods acceptable by are Western Union or Money Gram payments and the processing time for payment clearance is 1-2 days. After the necessary payment processing time, users can not cancel their order. However, they can do it before the payment has been approved.

Closed down e-pharmacies usually have unresponsive help desk and same was the case with Another thing to mention here is that the site’s FAQ section and a lot of other information provided is quite identical to another site which I came across a few days back. Reviews is another of those virtual pharmacies for which there are no testimonials or reviews on the internet. Although the website does not feature any testimonials section, there are even no user comments on any independent review site either.

Since there aren’t any previous customer’s reviews, we cannot confirm the vendor and the pharmaceutical store’s credibility as in the absence of these reviews, we do not have any real life criteria to make a decision on its basis. Therefore, it would be wise to not risk the money with such a dealer and to opt for a credible source.

After finding out no user comments, the vendor’s reputation can be checked using various verification and scam analyzing sites like scamadviser, scamner or legit script. I decided to check the scam results from Scamadviser, the results of which are discussed in the next section. Reviews 2017 is the first e-pharmacy I came across which has no customer reviews but still a good trust rating from Scamadviser. The website has also been declared safe to use with the rating of 85%. The scam analysis results have also specified that the e-pharmacy is offline now, a fact previously known to us. However, it specifies that the rating for the site is for when the pharmaceutical site was functional. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The scam results do not specify any other potential issue with the site other than it is offline. Based on these results, one can conclude that the website was a suitable place for customers when it was functional. Coupon Codes

Online buyers usually have a huge choice of sources to opt from while making purchases as the web is full of e-stores to buy almost anything a person needs. These users have the option to check out and compare prices from various e-stores without putting a lot of effort, something quite difficult while purchasing from real physical stores. Therefore, customers usually choose the place with the most economical prices and best discounts. Considering the scenario, vendors usually offer various discounts and coupon deals for their customers to attract them into purchasing from them. In the case of Buy anabolics, however, it seems that the vendor was not really into following trend as a user could not find any discounts on their site.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that used to sell and deliver medications worldwide from their sales point in the USA and various other European countries when it was operating back from 2005 till 2014. Now, the site is not well maintained and even the website’s content is strikingly similar to another pharmaceutical site. However, this is something I’m just pointing out and would not base the store’s credibility on as there is a chance that the other website had copied content. The online pharmacy used to sell a large assortment of drugs as discussed previously but the prices of those are not clearly mentioned. Also, users do not need prescription to buy from them.

The online pharmacy does not have any customer reviews or testimonials which make it difficult to find out the site’s reputation and the vendor’s credibility. Another less reliable way of determining the pharmacy’s credibility is to check out the website’s scam analysis reports. In this case, I checked out the results obtained from Scam Advisor and surprisingly, found out that the site had a good trust rating when it was in function. I usually rate shut down e-pharmacies 1 out of 5 but since the e-pharmacy has good results from the scam sites, I would rate it a 2 out of 5.

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