Review – A Suspect Online Pharmacy With Zero Reviews Review – A Suspect Online Pharmacy With Zero Reviews Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy that offers a wide variety of drugs but majors on androgen medical supplies and anabolic steroids. It is one of the online pharmacies that claim to be a legitimate business and not a scam website. They have been around for more than six years and have been selling generic drugs that they acquired from reputable pharmacies. There was no clear information as to the location of BodyMuscleShop. sells steroid variations mainly but there are other categories of drugs available as well. The categories sold are oral steroids, hormones, unigen life sciences, men’s health and many others. They are on the left-hand side of the screen. Among the common men’s health medications sold include valif Oral Jelly sold at $4.6, Kamagra sold at $18.39, Lovegra goes for $18.39 as well, Super Kamagra is sold at $18.39 as well, Cikalis is sold at $4.48, and Kamagra oral jelly was sold at $4.17. It is not clearly indicated whether the drugs sold by are approved by the FDA.

I also noted that the payment methods accepted by include international bank transfer for orders above $114.97, credit cards and International Money transfer. They also accept payment using bitcoins. They accept monies paid in Sterling pound, US dollars, Canadian dollars, and Euros. Once you place an order, the duration it takes to process the order depends on the mode of payment. The order is then dispatched in 1-3 business days. The shipping methods used by are Air Mail and Service Courier. The average time period it takes for the order to arrive is 5-10 business days for regular air mail and 5-10 days via registered mail. Service courier modes include DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS, DPD, and GLS and it takes about 3-5 days for the shipment to arrive. has a customer care service that can be accessed via the “Contact us” link. Contact Form Contact Form

You are required to fill your details so that they can reach back. It took a while but they got back to me. You can create an account with them as well. Reviews

There are no customer reviews. Normally, I look for reviews from previous customers to determine whether I can trust an online pharmacy to buy from them. There are no testimonials on or other independent sites that provide a forum for customers to review the site. Online customer reviews are important when making a decision as to whether I will buy from a vendor. BodyMuscleShop may have the best prices but if their customer service is not good enough, it is not worth the bother even considering to buy from them. One of the ways in which you can confirm the credibility of an online pharmacy is via customer reviews.

Due to the lack of customer reviews, I figured that the next best option would be to check the credibility via scam analyzing websites. Reviews 2017

When I could not get my hands on some customer testimonials on, my next option was to check whether Body Muscle Shop is a scam using scam analyzers. There are sites that review the credibility of the online business’s websites by checking things such as location and number of visitors. Then they come up with a rating mechanism that either recommends the business or discourages the customers from buying from them. High Risk Country High Risk Country

One of the sites is According to, is based in Ukraine. This doesn’t come as a surprise because the prices are indicated in Euro. Therefore, there was a high likelihood that it would be based in a European country. Ukraine is red-flagged as a high-risk country. Safety Level Safety Level

According to, browsing and buying on is not recommended because it has a score of 14%. It is also based on the fact that does not have too many visitors as well. Coupon Codes

Due to the saturated nature of the online business, an online pharmacy like has to find a way to attract customers. has some discount offers to its customers to enable them to save some cash and buy more from them. One of the discounts is based on the amount of money an order is worth Free Shilpping Offer Free Shilpping Offer

When the customer buys drugs worth $1839.44, he or she is entitled to a discount of $110.37. In addition to that, the shipping is done free of charge. Such a discount not only saves the customer money, you are encouraged to buy more from as well. In another discount offered by, if you subscribe to the newsletter, you are given a 10% discount on the order you make. 10% Discount 10% Discount

All you have to do to subscribe is to submit your email address. Such offers entice the customers and encourage them to buy large orders which subsequently pushes the sales volumes upwards for the online pharmacy.

Conclusion is an online shop that sells drugs. There are ED pills as well as other categories of drugs but the pharmacy dwells majorly on ED pills. The site is based in Ukraine. sells drugs to customers from all over the world and their shipping methods are quite fast. I noted that they accept various currencies depending on the one you are most comfortable with.

However, I was surprised at the lack of online customer reviews. It seems like an online pharmacy that does not receive many visitors. The fact that the country where the domain is based is a threat-listed country is also reason to be wary of There are some decent offers made by to entice the customers but I was not entirely convinced of its authenticity. I give it a rating of 2 out of 5.

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