Review – A Pharmacy Worth A Second Look Review – A Pharmacy Worth A Second Look Main Page Main Page used to be an online pharmacy that is unavailable on the internet at the moment of writing this review. I assume that it was taken down but the reason is not clear as to why it was shut down. To dissect this matter, I went on to find snippets of the website from BetterLifePharmacy did not indicate when it started operating. was based in Australia but they claimed to source their medications from their pharmacy in India.

I found the website very professional looking but did not fancy the idea of having to scroll through very many drug categories to reach the bottom of the home screen. They should have batched them up into groups according to the alphabet and assign an entirely different page. However, there were numerous categories of drugs sold by Among them were cancer drugs, generic drugs, prescription drugs, branded drugs and many others. I neither found popular ED pills such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra on the site nor did I find their prices. There were no orders that could be made without a PRESCRIPTION. The prescription could be sent via fax or email.

I liked the fact that they had clearly outlined the process of buying drugs from them. All you had to do was select the drugs you wanted and add them to your cart, you’d proceed to the checkout and finalize your order, then you would send them your prescription and they would approve your order before shipping it. I did not find any clear information as to whether the drugs sold on are FDA approved or approved by any other reputable organization for that matter. They accepted payments via VISA and bank check.

As of the refund policy, had a full money back guarantee if the drugs did not satisfy the customer and the customer returned the drugs. All you had to do was call them before returning the order. The shipping methods used were registered mail or EMS express mail. The charges were $12 for a delivery that took 21-28 days on registered mail and with EMS, the charges were from $19 with delivery times being 5-10 days. To reach them, you could use a toll-free US number +1 866 8399581 or +1 888 523 9088 or the Australian number +61 2 9659 0654. They also had an email [email protected] that was monitored outside business hours. Reviews

To buy from an internet pharmacy, I find it necessary to have a look at how other customers rated the services and products of the pharmacy before you. I decided to look for the reviews and since there were none on but on searching the internet, I found some on Customer Experience Customer Experience

According to Kenneth-Abbott, whose country of origin is unnamed, offered great prices and excellent quality. He said that for the previous 3 years, he had been buying most of his heart medication from Better Life Pharmacy. He was impressed by the “superior packaging” as well as the “consistent excellent quality of the generics”. He lauded the fact that the price was usually 50-70% cheaper than the branded drugs he was prescribed by his doctor. The only speck on the white linen was the slight delay in the delivery but he was happy with the telephone staff as well. They were “very friendly and candid.

From that review, I confirmed that they had excellent customer service, had good prices, had quality products and had good packaging. But a good customer review is never enough. I decided to employ the insight of a scam analyzing website. Reviews 2017

Some of the reliable scam analyzing sites include and The latter is especially effective in identifying genuine online pharmacies and showing out the scam online pharmacies. I ran the tests on the sites and made my conclusions. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

According to, is threat listed. This could have stemmed from the fact that it is no longer available hence the location is hidden. is a Rogue Website is a Rogue Website had some harsh words about the authenticity and credibility of They branded it a rogue internet pharmacy website. This did not do any good to its reputation. However, this could be because the site is not accessible at the moment due to the closure of its domain. Coupon Codes

As with most online pharmacies, Better Life Pharmacy had some genuine discounts for its customers. In a discount drive dabbed better life rewards-better prices, customers were awarded points for every purchase they made. Special Offers Special Offers

They received 1 point for every $10 they spent after surpassing the $20 mark. After a customer amassed points for numerous purchases, they could then redeem the points in form of discounts on future orders. Every point was worth $1. There were also bonus points for referring friends as well. Up To 20% Discounts Up To 20% Discounts

The fun did not stop there, there was a commission of 20% granted for the first time an affiliate introduced a new customer. Then, if the customer made other orders in the future, the affiliate received a 15% commission rate. When the affiliate made $100 in commissions, the draft equivalent to the payment was made out to the affiliate. This program was aimed at encouraging affiliates to post referrals to and hence drive business.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that was shut down for some reason. I have no idea whether it will be back into the market but it seemed to do a few things right. It had a genuine location with an address, it offered a couple of medicines to its customers at discounted rates and the discount program was clever and creative. I’d give it a very good rating were it not unavailable. For its troubles, I give BetterLifePharmacy a rating of 2 out of 5.

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