Review – Ireland-Based Pharmacy Became Inactive Review – Ireland-Based Pharmacy Became Inactive Main Page Main Page delivered prescription drugs that adhered to strict quality standards through its customer friendly online pharmacy starting in 2008. It did so while offering the least expensive prices on the market. “About Us” had a passage where it claimed customer satisfaction was its top priority.

I learned in FAQ that the policy on prescriptions was that they were not mandatory for purchasing on That was not an endorsement of unscrupulous medication purchases without seeing a doctor. On the contrary, there was a strong recommendation for physician consultations.

Moving on to the categories list, I had the chance to skim through medications including Erectile Dysfunction drugs, Cancer drugs, Cardiovascular drugs, Antibiotics, Hormones supplements, Antidepressants, Men’s ED packs, Women’s Health, and Mental Illness medications. Propecia(Finasteride) Viagra, and Zoloft (Sertraline) were the top three bestsellers.

The Men’s ED packs had some of the drugs in the erectile dysfunction group. The latter category had Brand Cialis and Brand Viagra. 20mg of the former and 100mg of the latter were sold for average prices of $6.26 and $6.51 respectively. E-Checks along with Credit Cards by Visa and MasterCard were accepted. EMS courier service had a delivery time of 5-9 days and Airmail service took 14-21 days.

I noticed that the store had a Money Back guarantee in the event of non-delivery. Reviews

At this point, I began to navigate the website in search of user reviews published by the vendor itself. It didn’t take a great deal of effort to find the ones in the excerpt below. Feedback Feedback

53-year-old Elliot from Tennessee in the United States opened up about his previous struggle with erectile dysfunction for eight years. He got introduced to different techniques were either useful for only a short while or not helpful at all. “Only with Cialis could I obtain a perfect intercourse and reliable effect”, he wrote, adding that Tadalafil made his erections hard enough and longer lasting. He liked his libido and intensive climaxes better with Cialis than with any other drug.

70-year-old Jerry from Brussels in Belgium wondered why he didn’t discover Levitra sooner. He had tried medication after medication for his erectile dysfunction treatment all to no avail. When he encountered Levitra and had a chance to try it, he was shocked by how effective the pills were. “When I came across Levitra, it hit me like a thunderbolt. I could not ask about better results”.

All the other testimonials on the store were similarly complimentary. Suffice it to say that it is a pattern that is most likely the product of deliberate cherry picking by the site’s administrators. It’s a potent tool for promotional purposes. While they may be actual experiences, objective reviews outside the vendor’s control ought to be consulted. Reviews 2017

I went in search for the objectivity of unaffiliated reviews of this vendor but ended up with nothing to show for my efforts. The opinions above were all posted in or before 2012. They gave no clues about the events that led to the decision to abandon the online pharmacy business. Neither did they disclose when exactly it went offline. Scamadviser and are usually more thorough. Trust Rating Trust Rating

One of the first things Scamadviser highlighted was the fact that the domain is currently for sale which I verified by trying the web address directly. A little over two years ago, the domain was re-registered. That means that the store must have been running till 2014 at least. Ireland is where the website is located but its origin is obscure. No high-risk countries are involved hence the High Trust rating. Safety Level Safety Level affirmed the creation or registration of the website in 2015. The registered owner address is Panamanian and the website doesn’t own an SSL certificate. Scamner gave it a trustworthiness score of 33% which ultimately didn’t affect its overall rating of 0% due to its inactive status. Coupon Codes

While it was active, however, it is apparent that the management team was well acquainted with the usefulness of bonuses and other perks that are increasingly being adopted by competitive online pharmacy vendors. I have a sample of what they looked like below. Free Tablets Offer Free Tablets Offer Re-order Savings Re-order Savings

There were free sample tablets for all medicine requests. I have noticed that the free pills chosen are often the bestsellers which more often than not, are ED drugs. also provided discounts that culminated in massive re-order savings. As the screen grab explains, once a customer patronized the pharmacy they were automatically enrolled in the pharmacy’s discount program. The discounts kicked in on the very next order and continued to grow with every new order. In addition to these two, discount codes have been utilized for the same purpose and free shipping is made readily available for high-spending customers.


The earliest date on record for is 2008 – a domain that is up for sale as of writing. It’s highly likely that it began the business of selling both Brand name and generic prescription drugs around that time. While it offered FDA-approved medications, it never compelled its customers to present valid doctor’s prescriptions in order to gain access to their desired therapies. I learned that for the pharmacy, providing access didn’t mean negligence of professional advice was welcomed. The top three bestsellers were Propecia, Viagra, and Zoloft. The categories included hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and antidepressants – the parent categories of the three bestsellers respectively, among others. Brand Viagra and Cialis were available. Medication requests were delivered either by EMS courier or Airmail service. There were enormously effusive customer reflections on the “Testimonials” page which couldn’t be verified by independent reviews. Scamadviser gave the website a High Trust rating and pointed to Ireland as its location. Scamner gave the store a 0% rating even though it rated the trustworthiness 33%. I give a 1-star rating.

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